Deceuninck PVCU Profile

When it comes to bringing your home to life, nothing beats the refreshing appeal of new PVC-U. It’s a look that lasts a lifetime.

By choosing Deceuninck, you don’t just benefit from PVC-U’s natural insulating properties, you’re selecting PVCU designed, developed and engineered to the highest possible standards of quality and performance.  Deceuninck has over 75 years experience extruding PVCU profiles in Europe, this experience and success gives Deceuninck access to human resources and technology that keeps that at the forefront of the industry.

By installing our advanced and expertly engineered UPVC, you will enhance your home and increase your comfort while enjoying that all important peace of mind. Each frame offers superb protection from the elements plus thermal insulation that keeps your house warm, dry and draught free. What’s more, their outstanding acoustic insulation will shield your home from the noisy hustle and bustle of the outside world. Also, for your total safety, our windows are compatible with all standard security hardware, while boasting many in-built protection features.

Product Characteristic’s:

  • Excellent weather performance. Weather has no effect on PVC-U building materials. Problems like rotting, rust, etc. just don’t apply. In special conditions like coastal areas (salt, storm, sun…) the benefits of PVC-U are particularly applicable.
  • Self extinguishing. PVC-U burns when subjected to flame, but does not burn by itself; the product extinguishes immediately when the external flame source is removed.
  • Resistance to most chemical products. The list of chemical products that PVC-U is able to resist is very long indeed and can be obtained on request.
  • Anti-fungal properties. There is no bacteriological development on PVC-U which makes it an ideal material for us within hospitals, food industry, etc.
  • Easy to clean = low maintenance. Its closed, smooth surface means that PVC-U is extremely easy to clean using a gentle household detergent dissolved in water. This also means that the product is virtually dirt resistant because there are no pores which can be filled with dirt.
  • Thermal insulator. Like wood, PVC-U is a good insulator. Its coefficient of heat conductivity is actually slightly lower than wood at 0.17 W/mC°, compared with 0.23 W/mC°. The equivalent coefficient for aluminum is approximately 210 W/mC°.
  • Acoustic insulator. The combination of the PVC-U material, the double-glazed sealed glass unit and the excellent system design, ensure superb acoustic insulation.
  • Easy to work with. Practically any automated or manual processing is possible.
  • Weldable. Its ability to be welded means that this material offers window manufacturers the opportunity to install high productivity automated manufacturing systems: a whole window can be welded together in just a few minutes. The fusion temperature of the weld is approximately 260°C. The sawn joints are heated locally to this temperature.
  • Bondable. Additional plastic components, such as end cap can easily be bonded to PVC-U.
  • Good value for money.
  • Strength and light weight
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Recyclable

What makes Deceuninck Different?

All PVCU window and door systems look the same, don’t they?? Deceuninck have a unique system available which combines
the quality of a modern Deceuninck extrusion and the looks of a traditional timber frame. We also have Deceuninks full range of chamfered profiles for a more simple frame finish.

The Right Choice

Replacing windows and doors or the addition of a conservatory remains one of the most popular choices of adding style and value to your home. Choosing our latest decorative designs will enable you to complement the style and look of your home by reproducing the appearance of traditional timber, without the maintenance headaches. Your new frames are guaranteed not to warp, twist, rot or discolour, making your decision a sound investment. In addition to brilliant white you can choose from a range of wood-grain finishes. Alternatively, add a splash of colour to your home with one of our unique Decoroc surface coatings. All of these together the almost endless design options available, make it possible to tailor our products to meet your exact requirements.

Quality with elegance

Choosing our decorative and chamfered frames with their unique sculptured styling ensures your choice of windows will bring elegance to any home. This beauty will not mean compromising performance, so you can be confident of supreme quality and security to match its good looks.

Durability with beauty

Viewed from inside or out, Deceuninck windows will transform the look of your rooms as well as your home as a whole. Illuminating interiors with natural light, providing comfort from the elements and affording security with peace of mind, are the essential criteria for all our window products. These are the standards by which our reputation has been established. Good looks, great performance and long lasting peace of mind.

The Deceuninck 2800 Series ‘Heritage’ Window and Door System

Critics of PVCU have claimed, often rightly, that the character of a property is reduced by the use of modern PVCU system. The introduction of the current Heritage system facilitates the production of both more sensitive replacements and more stylish new installations.

We also have the simple lines of the Deceuninck chamfered 2500 series system available but the unique timber look lines of the Heritage 2800 series profile have proven extremely popular with our customers in recent years. Simply the most attractive PVCU casement window and door profile available today.  

Both Heritage and chamfered PVCU systems feature the new attractive and subtle grey low sight line gaskets, this is a much softer contrast against the PVCU than the usual black gaskets – Stand back and compare the difference and it’s easy to see why this is a particularly popular feature of the Deceuninck PVCU systems.

Deceuninck quality; Terry and Chris have had over 25 years experience using Deceuninck profiles which we think speaks volumes about the durability of the products and the quality of finish.  For example in 2001 we installed a new conservatory in Ilkeston, the property already had a substantial conservatory but the owners wanted a change in colour and style. The existing conservatory was constructed using Deceuninck’s 1200 series system 14 years earlier. When the conservatory was dismantled it was in such good condition it was sold to one of our existing customers who re-fitted the conservatory on his property also in Ilkeston.

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Our Services

Serving Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire & Further Afield

Lifestyle Home Solutions is a family run business with a strong reputation for installing quality double glazing across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Our small but experienced team of tradesmen have years of experience to draw upon enabling us to deal with the most complicated window and door installations in PVCU, timber or aluminium finishes.

Our pressure free approach to sales with detailed written quotations takes the hassle out of choosing the right windows and doors for your home. We have a vast product range with a solution to fit any property such as our standard Deceuninck decorative PVCU profiles, our timber look PVCU, coloured finish PVCU, sliding sash windows, timber and aluminium windows.

All our products are durable, secure and energy efficient. Our Deceuninck PVCU window profiles carry an ‘A’ window energy rating as standard, we want all our customer to make an energy efficient and secure investment.

Serving Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire & Further Afield

Choosing a new PVCU door, composite door, timber door or aluminium door can be as simple as the need for a durable and secure entrance to your home or it can be a way of adding character and style to enhance the appearance of a property. Doors have always been a popular way of making an entrance a feature to the home and now with our vast range of products we have many ways of achieving this.

From the different colours and style of our latest energy efficient composite doors to the classic design of a simple and secure white PVCU door we have an entrance door design to fit every home.

In additional our French doors, Patio door and bi-folding doors give a range of options to open up the home into the garden. We always try and make our doors as effective as possible from offering the latest high security locks, low level aluminium thresholds and energy efficient glazing as standard.

Serving Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire & Further Afield

A new conservatory is an exciting prospect for any homeowner weather you are looking to build a completely new living space, replace an existing conservatory or retro fit a new roof such as a glass or tiled conservatory roof to an existing structure.

Key questions faced by homeowners are what do I want to use the new conservatory for? How do I make the conservatory a useable room all year round? What products will help me achieve this? We have many years’ experience building conservatoires with a vast range of products to help you achieve a conservatory design that is right for you.

Each project is different and our friendly staff will simply offer advice based on what space you want to achieve and follow up a site meeting with what we think is the most detailed written quotation in Nottinghamshire or Derbyshire. Coloured conservatories, glass roof conservatories, tiled roof conservatories and orangeries at Lifestyle Home Solutions we have the experience to make your dream a reality, just look at what some of our satisfied customers have to say about us in the testimonials section of our web-site.

Serving Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire & Further Afield

Orangeries are an exciting alternative to conventional conservatory design that offer homeowners something a little different. Our orangeries are available with a vast combination of products including coloured finishes, glass roofs, bi-folding doors and different ways of achieving a side elevation orangery design such as brick pillars or contemporary feature glazing.

As with conventional conservatories orangery design starts with a establishing a footprint, what you would like to use the space for and then working backwards to achieve a design visually that strikes a chord. Orangeries are a stylish alternative to a ground floor extension that offer homeowners a different type of living space to other rooms in the house.

The internal lighting pelmet offers a stylish way to add feature lighting to the space and externally an aluminium cornice is available to add some extra flare to the external appearance of the orangery.

Give Lifestyle Home Solutions a call to see what exciting ideas we can offer you and take the opportunity to visit an orangery we have actually installed to see the standard of our work first hand.

We love our new front door.  It really sets of the front od the house.  We weren’t sure what colour to go for but the red is a really good red and a perfect contrast against the house brickwork.  The…